Rythm and Hues

Works by David Cowles and Maria Friske
Little Theater Gallery, DEC 4- 30, 2016

Acclaimed local artists Maria Friske and David Cowles announce the opening of a new show, Rhythmn and Hues, to be held at the Little Theatre Gallery Dec. 4 - 30.  Rhythmn and Hues is a celebration of local and international music and showcases a wide range of musical performers, including Cab Calloway, Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Prince, Son House, Frank Deblase, Armand Schaubroeck and many others.  Click Here for more Information


Fine Art

I consider myself an American painter. I'll go further. I'm a regionalist right down to the neighborhood level. Very often, the subject and setting of my work can be traced to my current home in Rochester, New York.

What I like to find and explore are aspects of American culture, our most common experiences, those facets our life that seem to hide in plain sight. I want to reintroduce them boldly and dramatically to examine our notions of community and to celebrate the diversity that challenges us yet makes us stronger.

Market painting
3 vendors painting
3 Vendors
buddy guy painting
Buddy Guy
Map of cubbshill painting
Map Of CobbsHill
crowd painting
neighborhood painting
dr music painting
dr music
fredrick painting
johnlee painting
our lady painting
our lady
bountiful painting
potato kings painting
potato kings